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Thomas Roberts, Llandovery Town Councillor, Mayor & Businessman.


Today, on the corner of High Street and Bridge Street, you will find a virtually unaltered late Victorian commercial premises with a strong architectural character.


The shop premises of 1897 was built for Thomas Roberts whose business eventually encompassed No 29 adjoining and most of the buildings of Bridge Street.

The advertisement in the 1909 town guide, shown here, calls it The Crown Stores and Steam Bakery, Llandovery, and shows 2 houses on High Street (nos 29 and 31), 4 buildings on Bridge Street, and stables opposite these, all belonging to Thomas Roberts ‘Universal Provider’. This building was general store, No 29 was ironmongery, glass and china, the steam bakery was on Bridge Street, next to Corn and Flour Merchant (also selling hay and manure).
The premises are on the site of The Waterloo Bridge Inn and The Bridge End in the 1840s. The designer in 1897 may have been David Jenkins of Llandeilo as ‘business premises’ in Llandovery are listed in his 1907 obituary.

This snippet from the Carmarthen Journal, Friday August 29th 1913 shows an outing arranged by Crown Stores for their employees and families:

The Bakery was still in existence in 1946 as can be seen from this receipt.


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